Top Economy - China or USA ?

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Vice President Joe Biden discusses his trip to Asia during 2011. He explains that the two largest economies in the world right now are China and the United States and that these two economies are the road the world recovery. Do you believe in his theory? Will China be the new economic superpower? If so, will this be detrimental to the US economy? is a global interactive movement and platform to inform viewers about the United States credit rating, current economic events, and concrete facts from the White House and other international institutions. AAACountry welcomes your Questions and Suggestions at Get involved today.

美国副总统乔·拜登论述他的2011年亚洲之行。他解释说,在世界上两个最大的经济体系现在是中国和美国,而这两个经济体系领导着世界复苏的道路。你相信他的理论吗?中国是否会成为新的经济超级大国呢?如果是这样,这将对美国经济有不利的影响吗? AAACountry欢迎您在www.AAACountry.com提出问题和建议。参与我们吧,以及让我们知道您对这些有争议的话题的感觉如何。更多的影片镜头,请访问白宫网络电视(White House Web TV)


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