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Rob & Phil Snyder have been making movies since their early teens and are winners of two First Place Awards in the annual Kodak Teen-Age Movie Contests and a CINE Eagle Award. Rob was formally editor of the South Shore Record and the Five Towns Forum, both Long Island weekly newspapers. He is currently working as a Legislative Aide for the Town of Hempstead. Phil is a film and video editor of TV commercials in NYC.
Both Rob & Phil worked in Los Angeles, CA. for independent horror film producer Roger Corman on features such as “Battle Beyond the Stars” and “Galaxy of Terror”. In addition, Phil worked as a production assistant on John Sayles’ “The Howling” directed by Joe Dante and a sound editor on “The Brother from Another Planet” directed by Sayles. Rob has written several screenplays including “Gigolo Dad”, a comedy about a father of five who resorts to unorthodox methods to support his family and “Victim”, a dreamlike docudrama based on a real-life Long Island murder case.
Their numerous short films include “Child is Father to the Man”, “Rape”, “Midnight Confession” and “Reaper Madness”. Their most recent films received awards at the Filmmakers’ Connection Minifest: “Rear View Mirror” for Best Story and “Paperman” for Best Film. Their latest film, “The Tale Tale Cell-A Rehearsal”, is an exploration of the actor’s art. It’s a workshop reading by a group of NY actors of a short story by Rob Snyder based on the Edgar Allan Poe classic, “The Tell Tale Heart”. It’s a documentation of a rehearsal for a full-length film production. “Rocco Primavera”, a documentary/music video/TV commercial won 3rd Prize at the Long Island Film Expo Filmmakers’ Connection Minifest. Last fall, “Paperman” won the Best Short Film Award (under 10 minutes) at the 2005 Bare Bones Script2Screen Film Festival in Tulsa, OK. At the same festival, “The Tale Tale Cell-A Rehearsal” took the prize for “Best Experimental/ Alternative Film. Currently, Rob and Phil’s latest production entitled “Fitzgerald’s Flask”, a sci-fi spoof about F. Scott Fitzgerald won the Best Short Film-Video Award at the Long Island International Film Festival 2006.