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My name is Quentin Vidal. Like Tarantino. I've wanted to be a filmmaker my whole life, since I made my debut film with my twin brother Nathaniel at age 11. And yep, just like me my twin brother is also a filmmaker. I come from a large family with 9 brothers and sisters (and counting!). My hobbies and talents spread far and wide, and I've had quite a few semi-legitimate businesses since I was a teenager, from making fake ID's in high school, selling smuggled cigarettes in college, and my latest hobby is makin' moonshine!

Since my debut at age 11 I've always struggled with keeping filmmaking a big part of my life. One of the biggest crossroads I have learned I must face is whether to take the creative road of artistic filmmaking and make the films I want to make, or take the business road and make the films I'm paid to make.

My profile will show my struggle to maintain equilibrium between these two paths.

I am currently putting all my latest work on this profile, and maybe in the future some of my embarrassing early work as a kid :). If you all want it enough that is.