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Life is wonderful


Our life is a gift from God, we need to be grateful every day. All life is not about money, money is not a definition of life, it's……

by Fvillalona

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Let’s do it


ULife is too short to waste it on things which doesn’t mean anything. Whenever you’re down look at the people who are……

by Ajaved

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1st blog


Always stay happy and try to keep others happy because you never know the very next second could be the last second of your life

by angbe

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Oh My Venus TV Show

Arjun Mta

So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah amused 'naughty' in Hotel for 'Oh My Venus' The second main character remains KBS drama professionals do……

by arjun-mta

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FlowersFromTheGarden Chiangmai

If we do good, we will be happy. Cheer up yourself, don't waste your time....just keep on your direction. Ready...set...go

by Jpang

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