Here are some bitGoodies for you!

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BitGoodie is an online store for Gems, Stickers and Paypal or Bitcoin Payments.
Gems can be used for purchases on bitLanders stores, while stickers add some fun and color to your comments and micro-blogs.
Payments allow you to retrieve your bitLanders earnings in Paypal or Bitcoin.

10 gems

BM 1800000 Buy

250 - Small box of gems

BM 21588000 Buy

25 - A few gems

BM 3120000 Buy

640 - Big box of gems

BM 53988000 Buy

50 - Handful of gems

BM 5988000 Buy

1500 - Huge coffer of gems

BM 107988000 Buy

100 - Pile of gems

BM 10800000 Buy