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Suchhi Shukla,a model/actor cum producer, was born 1977 in Varanasi [Lucknow], Uttar Pradesh. He completed his studies in Varanasi and came to Mumbai for further studies to build a successful career and soon started working for several production companies in India where he gained in experience, working with Indian & foreign film makers for feature films, TV commercials, television shows & documentary films. Suchhi Shukla who is now settled in Mauritius, regularly visits India to work on his various projects. Having visited many countries during his career, he established strong relationship with important personalities of the industry around the globe. Hence, he is also engaged in introducing foreign professionals in India for documentary and TV commercial projects. Ruled by his motivation and passion for cinema, he launched his own production company named “Silver Dollar Production”.

‘Silver Dollar’ is a line production company in India featuring multiple production services based on Film Production: Feature films, TV serials, Music videos, Ad films, Corporate films, Documentary films, but also extends its services to Entertainment, Event Planning, Wedding planning in heaven destination, Mauritius etc...

‘Silver Dollar Production’ is an absolutely integrated independent company based in Mumbai, with a branch in Mauritius to facilitate all shootings in the Indian Ocean region. Our production company drives its force by a motivated, solid and professional team of international A-Class technicians / photographers / costume designers / choreographers / production designers / film director / ad makers / event planner / music directors etc who have all been acclaimed for their tremendous talent. We also have divisions who are devoted to the production, post production, animation, ad designing, marketing & distribution of films overseas and in India.

Our company undertakes overall film production services: From the initial research of a project, to budgeting it and giving the best competitive rates, scheduling, logistic planning, contracting technicians, vendors for equipment hire, we want to provide quality services from pre-production, following up to the launch and distribution of the project. When it comes to provide high standard production services, we are a conspicuous name in the domestic & international market.

Our main target is the international market, thus, we adopt a western style of filmmaking. Quality with international standard is our supreme priority. We deeply understand that every project has a unique set of objectives therefore we take extreme prudence in accessing the creative and production needs by recalling about the budget and deadlines.

We offer the best services at a competitive price welcoming you to Incredible India for shooting. We are confident that you will be satisfied with our efficiency, resources, highly motivated and qualified employees.

Bring us your apparition, ultimatum and dreams - We’ll assist you with the concept, production and marketing plan that is best for you.

Please feel free to contact us for any information that you might require for your projects.