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Two Man Army Productions is an independent film and video production team based in Queens, New York.
We specialize in digital filming and editing. Aside from the film aspect of our company we also have over six years of experience in the graphic and product design fields. This makes us unique in that we not only write, shoot and edit films, we also create the artwork in house for all marketing and promotional items such as DVD inserts, posters, shirts, stickers and any other design based items associated with the films production.

Our new project is titled "Paths of Resistance" which is a film about the legendary Queens New York hitman Tommy Dempsey. It is a companion piece for an original feature length screenplay we have written. The featurette, marketing, packaging and promotion were all financed on less than a shoestring budget. We believe that with the script and short promotional film potential investors will see what our company can produce with virtually no capital. We are striving to get financial backing that will help us complete this film.