Know what to do in Chicago Navy Pier

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If you ask someone in Chicago for a best tourist attraction of the city, then every person would give you the same answer and that would be Chicago navy pier. In Chicago, it is one of the most attractive and most sorted after place, which you can visit with you family and friends. Once you are at this place, you will realize the actual world of Chicago. Navy Pier of Chicago is the best place where you can relax yourself along with your family and have a perfect vacation.

In the year 1916, Chicago navy pier was built. The pier is constructed over the Lake Michigan and stands at 3300 foot. Initially it was built for facilitating the cargo, which was coming to Chicago from different places. It was even designed as a dockyard for the ships. With time, Navy Pier got prominent and gradually it was used as a tourist attraction. This served as a place where public gathering was possible and this made the place even more popular. However, due to improper construction, the Navy Pier fell in the year 1965. However, people of Chicago were so attached to the Navy Pier that funds were allocated in the 70’s and was reconstructed and opened for the tourists.

 Today, the Chicago navy pier is considered as the best place where you can go and relax with your family and friends. Not only tourists and travelers from all across the world, Navy Pier are even visited by the Locals. As it is filled with shopping stores, playground for the kids, rides, restaurants in a fifty-acre land, makes it the most attractive place and hot spot in Chicago. No matter what age you are in, you can always find something special and attractive as per your need and requisition.

 This is the best place where you can enjoy exotic and mouthwatering cuisines with your family and friends. If you love seafood, then this place would be perfect for you. Before enjoy the mouthwatering cuisines, you can always take a ride in the luxury boats around the Michigan River.

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