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Lately, I don't know what to blog about and I'm so broke. I really need money! So, I decided to share the app that I've tried and been using until now. The app I've been talking is Snapcart. I just discovered it while I was browsing in my instagram account. Snapcart is one of those ads post. I became interested in the add because I can earn money through taking photos of my receipts! 


What is Snapcart? 

Snapcart is an application where you can get cashback by taking photos of your shopping receipts. So, the more you shop, the more receipts you ca upload, the more cashback you will get.-

Don't throw your receipts! So, you just have to keep properly your receipts and take a photo then upload and wait for your cashback! Its easy! But don't forget that you need an internet connection while using the app.

Brief History

 The Snapcart application was launched and started in Indonesia in the year 2015. The app is the first application in Indonesia that accepts shoppers photo of shopping receipts and get cashback in it.  

Snapcart is blazing new trails in the Asian market. In less than a year, it has already been ranked as the 22nd most disruptive company in the world by Disrupt 100, as judged by top global venture capitalists and entrepreneurs. It was also recognized by other respected firms like Accenture and Omnicom Media as one of the best startups in Asia and the world. -

It is only started in the idea of Reynazran Royono who is the founder and formerly with Proctor and Gamble and Boston Consulting while he mirrors his background as a consultant a spell at e-commerce firm, now

How it works? 

Click the Snap button


The image above is the screenshot home of the application. The encircled is the snap button. 

Snap the receipt

 If the receipt is longer there is a plus(+) button that will show after you take a photo of the first part of the receipt. Avoid crumpled receipts it might be rejected. As long as possible keep your receipts properly so it can easily snap from top to bottom. Make sure that the receipt is exactly in the red line to ensure and correctly get the right take photo of receipts. 


 Don't close the app while uploading. Wait for it to be uploaded or else it will stop and will not upload. 

Other Features


This is the feature where your cashback will be multiply base on what level are you. The levels are Regular 91  - x 1.0, Bronze - x 1.1, Silver - 1.2, Gold - 1.5, and Platinum - x 2.0. The level will be change once the week accumulated by level are already completed. So, snap everyday! 



Snaptactic is the game feature of Snapcart. This is the part where the coins received from survey,pro-hunt and video will be use. It is roulette game where coins and cashback are the prize. 


The survey feature is where you have to answer couple of questions. While answering the survey, they are already pictures that is already the clue and you just have to choose for the name of it. Even you answered wrong, its okay. Unlike other surveys. 


The video feature is where you have to watch the video and after you finished watching it will ask you to answer couple of questions related in the video. Stopping the video is not allowed


The selfie feature is where you have to take a selfie with the specific product. The selfie photo is on the spot. Uploading an already taken picture is not allowed. 


The pro-hunt part is where you have to guess the product base on the clue given. I haven't tried this part because I don't get what is is asked. Hahaha!


- You can only upload 5 receipts per day. 

- Receipts should at least be latest. 

- Avoid crumpled receipts. 

- There is a 20 pesos (Philippine currency) fee when cashing out. 

- You can only cash out through a connected bank account. So far, nothing else. 

- Grocery receipts that have goods like foods and beauty care are the only receipt accepted so far. 

- The app is only available so far in the Philippines and Indonesia but plans to extend in Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam and has sights on Japan and Korea.

- There are tips on how to properly snap receipts. So, follow those instructions! 

The app is legit. For those who are in the Philippines, try the app. It maybe a small amount of money but it can help a lot. Snapcart is the best earning money app that Iv'e tried so far. I'm still waiting for it to expand their accepted receipts! 

I just really wanted to share this great app! I already told this to my friends and family and they are amazed that there is an app like this. :D 

Thanks for reading! :) 

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