Snapcart Mobile App Review – Earn Cash Rebates from Receipts

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Snapcart operates a mobile application that gives shoppers cashback for scanning their receipts while we collect massive amount of purchase data, analyze and offer to brands on a real time basis with shopper rich information. -Snapcart Global


Snapcart - Snap Receipt, Get Cashback - Video Credit: Snapcart via YouTube


Snapcart is a mobile app that lets you earn cash rebates for every valid receipt you submit for validation. Currently, the only kinds of receipts they accept are groceries, medicines, and beauty products. When you accumulate their minimum threshold, you can request payout.

I would like to point out as early as now that Snapcart does not offer high rebate rates, like most mobile apps that offer cashback. In fact, if you are looking for something that could be a complementary source of income, this mobile app is not for you. With Snapcart, you can only earn few cents up to a maximum of fifteen Philippine pesos. Not much of money, right?



Snapcart on Google Play - Photo Credit: Snapcart via Google Play


However, what makes me still continue using the mobile app is that it is really enjoyable snapping receipts. On a personal level, for someone like me who makes purchases almost every week, it does feel good to be rewarded for buying my necessities.

It also makes it a lot better that Snapcart allows snapping not only my personal purchases but also my entire household. As of the moment, I live with at least five other people at home who are independent enough to buy their own groceries and stuff. I still live with my parents and two other siblings, whose romantic partners stay at home most of the time.

Anyway, let's cut the introduction short and proceed to the important points about Snapcart.



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# 1 - What kind of receipts are allowed?

To make things uncomplicated, there are only about three categories of purchases accepted in Snapcart. Refer to the bulleted list below:

  • Groceries
  • Medicines and Pharmaceuticals
  • Cosmetic products


✮ Groceries

These are mostly the edible stuff we buy for consumption. All kinds of grocery stuff are accepted, even including the non-edible household materials (e.g. detergent, soap and dishwashing liquid).



Grocery receipts - Photo Credit: MacLean's


✮ Medicines and Pharmaceuticals,

As long as they are purchased in a pharmaceutical and drug stores with computerized receipts, they can be snapped. But remember, still all snaps are subject for review and validation. At times, the verification team still rejects receipt according to their policy.



Medicines - Photo Credit:


✮ Cosmetic products

Cosmetics or beauty products are accepted when purchased in accredited stores. Hygienic, health, and wellness products are also accepted.

Remember to only snap receipts of these types or else they will be rejected by the verification team. Tupperwares are not considered grocery items, unless they come with other accepted food items. 7/11 and ministop convenience store purchases are also allowed.



Cosmetic Products - Photo Credit:


Note: Snapcart does not allow receipts of restaurant, fastfood chains, and the likes. Food purchases from these establishments are not accepted.



#2 - How much can you earn at Snapcart?

Again, to reiterate, this mobile app does not let you earn a lot of money. Earnings are in form of cash rebates as reward for snapping valid receipts. Please look at the image below to see the rebate amount for each corresponding receipt amount.

Also, it could also be an important thing to note that, aside from cash payouts, users can also opt to redeem Snapcart balance with phone credits.



Cashback rate per receipt - Photo Credit: JustAGirl via Imgur



#3 - What are the guidelines in snapping for faster receipt validation?

On average, the verification team takes about seven days to go over every submitted receipt. However, the admin provided tips and tricks in snapping receipts to help the team get your submissions verified quicker.

✮  Readable

Make sure your snap is clear and the writings in it are readable. Snapcart verification team is very particular with the items purchased in the receipt. If they cannot recognize any accepted items in it, most likely they will be rejecting the snapped receipt.


✮ Complete

It is very important that all snaps submitted must include the complete or full image of the receipt. If there are times a receipt is too long for taking a picture, make use of the "add" feature at the bottom center of yiur phone screen. This allows you to add another snap of image into your submission.


✮ No duplicates

Be sure to snap correct receipts, only one snap for every receipt you have. An important note to remember is that everyday, Snapcart members can only snap at most three receipts.



No duplicate receipts - Photo Credit: Snapcart


✮ Well-lit environment

Remember to take snaps with a good amount of light in the background. You can also make use of your phone's flash, just in case your environment is a bit dim.


✮ In good condition

Always remember that the verification team also values the current condition of your receipts. In fact, your snap might be rejected if it includes crumpled or torn receipt.


✮ Within the red border

Another very important point as well is to make sure that when you snap your receipt, the image captured is within the red border or box.



Snap receipt within the red border - Photo Credit: Snapcart



#4 - What are the Tips in using Snapcart?

In the video below, one user made a video blog, or more commonly known as vlog, sharing some tips on how to use the mobile app. Check her YouTube video below. Other useful blogs may also be found here in bitLanders.

How to earn through Snapcart? - Video Credit: Erica Shane Pellevia YouTube



#5 - What are the other ways to Earn in Snapcart?

Aside from snapping receipts to earn cashback or cash rebates, there are other ways to earn money in the mobile app. In the bonus section, users can anser surveys, shoot pictures and take videos to earn tokens. These tokens can be used to play Snaptastic, a roulette type of game where users can earn prizes ranging from cashbacks, to coins, or special prizes.



Snaptastic - Photo Credit: Snapcart Global



#6 - What is my overall rating of Snapcart? 



Snapcart logo - Photo Credit: e27


Overall, I would rate this mobile app as 3/5 stars. It legitimately pays, however it could really take a while before you can reach the minimum cashout point. But still, I recommend this to everyone who makes their regular purchase at grocery stores. No doubt, Snapcart has made its way to many users, most especially Filipino members like me. In fact, in 2016, it was reported in local TV news that Snapcart co-founder Mayeth Condition said that the mobile app's Filipino users had surpassed the number of Indonesian users. 

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