The Prophet Mosque

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The Prophet Mosque

                The Prophet’s Mosque at Medina was the center of all activity. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) lived here, taught here and when he died he was buried in the portion that used to be the residence of his wife Bibi Ayesha (Razi Allah Anha). The graves of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and his two loyal friends, Hazrat Abu Bakr, and Hazrat Umer (Razi Allah Anhum), are inside the mosque in Madina.

                    The land originally belonged to two orphans. They were willing to donate the land to the cause of Islam but the Holy Prophet ordered that they should be paid the price of land before the construction started. The mosque was built from clay and mud, and the roof constructed of dried branches of Date palms. The first Muezzin (crier) Hazrat Bilal (Razi Allah Anhu) used to call for the prayers from the roof of the nearby house because the concept of the minaret was not known in Medina at that time. The dome was added much later.  

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