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Currently working on creating journalistic, and documentary products from pre-production to post production: (leading treatment sessions to overseeing online post work editing). I have strong organizational skills which I used effectively during my employment, where I performed not only as a reporter, live news anchor and travel channel presenter ( but I was responsible for the entire news and film making process. Moreover, I represented the teams of TV channels in national and international exhibitions including WTM (London, 2010), awards events such as Association for International Broadcasting (London, 2010), HotBird TV Awards (Venice, 2010) and social projects and photo contests organized by TV channel. Recently my short documentary “Magic of the underground” ( got nominated and received an award for “The best experimental film” at Hollywood Independent Reel Film Festival. I come highly recommended from industry leaders such as Maro Chermayeff, Deborah Dickson, E. Donna Shepherd, Michel Negroponte, and more.