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Luxury Hunters
“Hunt down luxury and make it yours ! ”

Luxury Hunters is a real-life, interactive Social Networking and Role Playing Game … a highly entertaining luxury scavenger hunt through Manhattan on a quest to find high-end luxury prizes, and maybe a little romance. The user logs on to our web site and for $49.95 signs up for 3 days of fun and action in NYC.

Players can play the game as one of three different types of teams:

“Super Shopper” -- Individual player, $49.99
“Designer Duo” – two-player team, $95.99

The website will incorporate a chat room for players’ strategy discussions and divining clue meanings, as well as offering a way for players to recruit others. A leader board will feature the names and scores of the Top 10 players, and will be posted on the website for each player type. Sponsor links and logos will be prominently displayed.

Each Luxury Hunt kicks off with a fun party. (Selected members of media will also be able to attend.) We are delighted to announce sponsorship with Alma Tequila. At the end of each day, all male and female players will meet up at chic bars and restaurants to discuss their clues and strategies and, of course, to mingle socially.

Luxury Hunters will offer one event per month, starting the weekend before Valentines’ Day (February 10, 2012) in NYC. Expansion of the concept to Los Angeles is slated for June 2012. We are pleased to offer this proposal, and would welcome the chance work with you in incorporating your company’s individual needs into our uniquely engaging advertising and marketing program.

We’re eager and ready to partner with you, and believe we can provide the strategic and creative support and execution that will make “Luxury Hunters” work for effectively for you and your brand.


To achieve our proposed goals, Our firm will facilitate awareness and engagement between Luxury Hunters and its target consumer audiences by providing multiple touch points through marketing and communications channels


In addition to the $49.95 sign up fee, the current program participation structure requires participants to spend small amounts of additional money in order to play the game and receive clues (i.e.; cost of a cocktail or museum entry, etc.). These additional expenses can be absorbed or reduced by the individual sponsors. Most sponsors have elected to add value to the program by giving away free merchandise to each player of the game.


Luxury Hunters plans to raise the profile of the launch party by leveraging their spokespeople at the launch, cocktail & awards presentation parties by inviting the media to the launch party to increase media interest. Heightening the profile of the game further, related charitable components of the sponsors choosing at the launch party could potentially further interest as well.


On Saturday December 10th, 2011 & Saturday January 21st, 2012. We are offering free mini versions of the Luxury Hunters game to the first 250 people to sign up. The game will feature a launch party with free appetizers and drinks, a lightning fast scavenger hunt through the city with a prize & awards presentation and concluding with an after party at a Manhattan night club.