10 Things Only Chinita Girls Can Relate To

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  1. People always ask me if I'm okay because I look like I cried, or that I just woke up. 

  2. My eyeliner almost always smudges and results in panda eyes. 

  3. I barely have any lashes so I always have to glue on falsies to open up my eyes. 

  4. Everyone always assumes I can translate Chinese signs or convos just by looking at me. 

  5. And please don't just assume I'm some math genius. 

  6. All my aunties tell me that eye-fold surgery will change my life. 

  7. But I'll have to admit, I did kinda think about getting my eyes done for my debut gift.

  8. Because really, I'm totally fine with using eyelid glue when I feel like it.

  9. I have to avoid laughing too hard, especially when driving. 

  10. All in all, I love my chinita eyes and it feels extra good when people appreciate my cute eyes, too!

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