10 Ways To Work Effectively

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Let me share with you a video before I start on 7 Easy Ways To Be Highly Productive at Work - Improve Your Interpersonal Skills

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Whatever job you have or industry you are in, you have to know how to work effectively. Most probably, there is a time in your life that no matter how many hours you spend in your job, it seems like you are not happy or you feel that all the efforts you put into are not adequate to be productive. But do not worry. All you have to do is to make some changes in yourself and your old work routine. 

10 Ways To Work Effectively

If you want to come through in whatever job that you have, you have to follow these 10 ways to work effectively

  • Communicate


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Communication is one of the keys to be winning in every aspect of your life. If you do not communicate well,  chances are, you will flunk, and there may be miscommunication or misunderstanding between your colleagues. If you did not understand the information or message sent to you, do not hang back to clarify and ask questions. 

  • Get organized 


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Getting organized at work and other places are helpful in growing productivity, meeting your deadlines, and reducing stress levels. Start with your email. Eliminate email messages that are not important or have no value. You can use some applications to help you with the process like Unroll.me. You can use it with your AOL, Google or Yahoo account. Consider de-cluttering your desk, too. Get rid of papers but make sure you use the shredder if it contains some personal or confidential information. 

  • Do not multitask


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If you think multitasking is favorable in working effectively, you are wrong. As a matter of fact, it may negatively affect how you give attention to your tasks. If you do not give your full attention to what you are doing, chances are, it will fail. Moreover, your brain health may suffer later on. So focus on one task at a time and do it properly. 

  • Alleviate stress


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Stress is one of the causes of chronic illnesses such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Also, it can be a threat when it comes to your behavior and emotion. So find a way to de-stress once in a while. Do some yoga, listen to your favorite song, get a relaxing massage, travel or watch a movie or television series. There are endless ways to relax, without a doubt. Do whatever pleases you. 

  • Avoid social media and other distraction


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Spending too much time on social media is not a good idea during work hours. It can cause a distraction, and you may not finish your task on time. Put your mobile phone inside the drawer and check it on your break time instead. Also, avoid watching tv, checking online websites, etc. Give your full focus to work. 

When I ask people how much time they spend not doing their job -time spent on 'work-about-work' or phone calls or e-mails - people regularly tell me 60, or even 90 percent. So if Asana could take that down closer to zero, we could potentially double the effectiveness of humanity." 

Justin Rosenstein

  • Use applications


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Thank God for applications that can help you work effectively and efficiently. Use Cisco Spark, Hours, Newton, SiteBlock, TodoistTrello and Wunderlist to name a few. Each has a function that can help you be more productive at work or school. 

  • Learn how to prioritize things


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Give priority to tasks that are more important compared to others. However, know the difference between what is important and what is urgent. There are tasks that you have to submit within the day, so do it first. Do not forget to take a deep breath and avoid feeling stressed or pressured. You can do it for sure if you will put your heart and mind into it. 

  • Focus on results


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Instead of giving your attention to the time you have to spend on completing your task, focus more on what you can do in a day. Yes, there is no easy job. You have to work hard to reach your life goals. But for sure, your hard work will pay off eventually. 

  • Use your free time to be productive 


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Doing your weekly grocery shopping? Out with family or friends to have your much-needed caffeine intake? Whatever you may be doing, use your free time to still be productive. Delete email messages that are inessential on your mobile or tablet, organize your to-do list, etc. By doing this, you will save time, and you can start your work in the office right away the next day. Do the most critical task in the morning because it is when your mind and body is fully functional. 

  • Have a positive attitude


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Whatever situation you are in, always maintain a positive attitude. Remember, it is only a bad day, not a bad life. Do not let it get into you and shatter your goals in life. Pray if you think everything is not in your favor. That is the best thing to do. Also, if you are happy and confident, things will be smoother for you, and it will radiate, and people will feel the same way, too. 

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 Final Thoughts

There are more ways how to work effectively and be more productive. However, start with yourself first. Change your old poor working habits. Stop procrastinating, and do whatever you can do now and do not forget to stay positive in whatever circumstance you are at the moment. 

Again, thank you for taking the time to read my blog post. God bless us all! 

Written by: freelancermariagrace for Bitlanders