10 WWE Moments That Were Too Uncomfortable

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There are numerous moments where World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) tried to make weird angles or storylines. Yeah some of you would say that weird stories keep audience attention but they also make their audience feel uncomfortable. Especially the parents who are watching over their children`s internet history. LOL. WWE even tried to create a storyline where Vince Mcmahon was the father of Stephanie Mcmahon`s baby. Wow, an incest angle.

Well, this wasn`t the only incest angle WWE tried to create. They also tried to give one more shot to an incest brother-sister angle between Paul Burchill and Katie Lea Burchill. They dropped this storyline when WWE went PG Era. Thank God! Well with those two creepy incest angles, I would like to tell you about 10 WWE moments that were too uncomfortable.

1. Brock Lesnar assaults Zach Gowen
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Zach Gowen is a one leg man who is a trained professional wrestler and was assaulted by WWE bookers during his run in the company. Brock Lesnar who is literally a beast in every form, assaulted Zach Gowen numerous times. There was a storyline where Brock pulled Zach Gowen from the stairs which resulted in Zach`s injury. Another disturbing moment came when Zack and Brock faced each other in a match where Brock brutalized him. He delivered two F-5`s, some chair shots and all this brutality was done in front of Zach`s mother. Ouch!!

2. Melanie Pillman`s Interview(Photo credit via wwe.com)

On October 5, 1997, a tragedy happened when Brian Pillman died and left the wrestling industry. 24 hours after the incident, WWE put Melanie Pillman on the show where she was seen broken. It `s obvious to imagine her situation during that time. She explained how Brian was struggling with his drug abuse and asked fellow wrestlers to stop doing it for their families. WWE is an entertaining show where such kind of act should not be presented in the first place.

It was tough to watch her situation on an entertainment based weekly TV show. Well, rest in peace Pillman!!

3. WWE books Miscarriage Storylines
vince_mcmahon(Photo credit via wwe.com)

This is only my opinion and I don`t know how others would react. Miscarriage angles should not be presented in an entertaining show like WWE, as Miscarriage is a serious thing to those who face it in the day to day life. Which brings me to WWE`s miscarriage storylines. These storylines happened on two separate occasions. We witnessed the first angle in January 1999 when Terri Runnels was pregnant by either Val Venis or Goldust. Val Venis, who had a pornstar gimmick, eham-eham.. and Goldust who still plays a tight latex wearing sex weirdo gimmick. eham-eham... Wow, how come WWE always gets these kinds of gimmicks. Well, as I was saying, Terri tried to find her baby`s father. Val Venis dumped her, she falls off from the ring apron which resulted in a miscarriage. Later we discovered that this whole stupidity was just a setup. So, she was lying. WOW!


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Next storyline happened in 2004 when Kane accidentally falls on his pregnant wife Lita. Following week WWE Universe witnessed Lita had a miscarriage and was lying on a bed and was looking on the wall in a coma state. Kane was sitting next to her and was in tears and anger. Another stupid storyline.

4. The drunk state of Hawkhawk(Photo credit via wwe.com)

This was actually against the will of both the Road Warriors consist of Hawk and Animal. WWE bookers tried to put Hawk`s real-life drinking problem on the television. For few weeks Hawk was showing suicide tendencies and soon it finally ended when Hawk tried to kill himself by climbing the titantron. For a few minutes, we saw his friends tried to talk him down which had no results. Droz who tried to take place of Hawk in the Road Warriors pushed him from the titantron which meant to think that Hawk has died. And all this nonsense was booked in the golden age of wrestling, Attitude Era.

5. The Undertaker hangs The Bossman inside Hell in a Cell
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At WrestleMania XV, we witnessed a disturbing level of 1000% by WWE bookers. WWE tried a stunt where The Bossman was hanged up by The Undertaker. Yeah obviously this act was fake and he didn`t die. LOL. When I was new to WWE, thanks to my brother, I was so shocked because I was witnessing a disturbing thing on a live television. A deadman gimmick (The Undertaker) murdering a police officer gimmick (The Bossman). But now when I am all grown up, I know it was just an act in reality. But still how come anybody who is watching WWE for the very first time could possibly know that all this is just an act? I mean I didn`t even know that wrestling is scripted until I was 15. LOL.

6. Eric Bischoff Forces Himself on Stephanie Mcmahon
chris_benoit(Photo credit via wwe.com)

This is a weird segment where Eric Bischoff dressed up as Vince Mcmahon and forces himself on Stephanie Mcmahon. I don`t know why WWE is so interested in incest angles. Well, back to the storyline, Eric unmasked himself and quickly kissed Stephanie Mcmahon. At first, she pushed him but soon she started losing herself and couldn`t resist. Soon, they both tangled their tongues and a few moments later Eric left Stephanie Mcmahon`s office. Some of you might know about both of them. Well, Stephanie Mcmahon is the daughter of WWE Chairman Vince Mcmahon and Eric Bischoff was WCW`s President, a rival company of WWE. Well, during this time WWE purchased WCW (in real), LOL. So, I guess that`s why he kissed Stephanie with vengeance. Hehehe. All these nonsense went nowhere because WWE never created any storyline through this incident. Thank god and the end to this!

7. Eddie Guerrero in Hell(Photo credit via wwe.com)

On November 2005, Eddie Guerrero passed away and WWE arranged a tribute show to his honour. A great way to appreciate his legacy. But few weeks after this tragedy WWE started to show its true colours when they started disrespecting his legacy. WWE booked a disturbing segment featuring Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio (one of Eddie`s closest friend) where Randy cut a promo on Mysterio and said that Eddie was in Hell. This incident is still considered as one of the shameful acts done by the WWE. It`s really disturbing to watch that incident and it still gives me chills.

8. Stone Cold Steve Austin beats up Michael Cole

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In 2001, Stone Cold was pissed off because of the commentary of Michael Cole. In a storyline, Stone Cold first verbally attacked Michael Cole and then later destroyed him with a vicious beating. This incident turned Stone Cold from a fan favourite to a complete heel. And why not? nobody deserves such a beating. Well hats off to Michael Cole to take such beating. LOL.

9. Tim White tries to Commit Suicide
wwe(Photo credit via wwe.com)

During a match inside Hell in a Cell, referee Tim White injured his shoulder. The injury happened when Chris Jericho accidentally pushed Tim White from ring apron to steel cage. Even cameras covered the whole incident which looked so bad. Later in 2005, Josh Mathews who was the backstage interviewer during that time covered a story where Tim White shot himself with a shotgun. Well, apparently Tim shot himself on the foot and later this whole one-time story became a weekly show named "Lunch Time Suicide" where Tim tried to kill himself each week with different techniques. I just can`t believe this.

10. The Chris Benoit Tribute Show
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In 2007, Chris Benoit killed his wife and son before committing suicide. WWE, unknowing about this situation, ran a tribute show to honour Chris Benoit. But, later when WWE get to know about the whole crime scene they immediately deleted everything from their official website. And till this day, they don`t mention anything about Chris Benoit. But, during that time this became a total mess because WWE accidentally without knowing the facts ran a tribute show and later took it off from everywhere. Oops!


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