"24" Season 8

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Daily soaps are also liked by a majority of people. Some also like the serials which has some mystery in it. And some like thriller and action. For those who like thriller and action, a serial which is named as 24 is liked by them. It is the American TV series which is liked by all across the globe who like action and thriller kind of serials. It is the TV series which is produced by the FOX network of entertainment. It stars “Kiefer Sutherland” as the main character of the famous series 24. Each of the “24” episodes covers the 24 hours of the life of Jack Bauer “Kiefer Sutherland”. Jack Bauer plays the role of a CTU agent. This show started in the year 2001, which covered “192” episodes over 8 seasons. The series originated in US. The first season of 24 ran for complete one year and was liked by everybody. Same all the seasons run for complete year.

Starting from the characters till the music of the series 24 is of full of worth. In the first season the story starts when Jack Bauer is called in when the US senator gets threatening for his life. Same way in all the episodes of season 1, all the episodes covers many such cases which can only be solved by Jack Bauer. The best of the series of all the episodes which has been aired till date is the season 5. It showed the best of Jack Bauer. The last and final season of 24 is the season 8.  Wikipedia stores all the information on the season. One can find all the details by searching for 24 Season 8 Wiki. Season 8 is the last and final season of the 24 series. The plot of the story is very exiting where the main character Jack Bauer does a search for the assassin who is giving threat to the president.  The threats are given to the president because he is not willing to sign a nuclear deal with an Islamic country like Iran. 

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