2nd Published Book: Stop Dreaming, Start Publishing - by, Cobalt Foxx

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Stop Dreaming, Start Publishing

E-book: $1.00 (FREE with Softback)

Softback: $7.99


What is the next step after an author finishes writing a book? Stop Dreaming, Start Publishing is a self-help book for authors that covers every step from after writing a book to publishing the book. Stop Dreaming, Start Publishing covers every aspect of seeking a literary agent, every type of publishing, and detailed instructions about how to self-publish a quality book. Anyone that reads Stop Dreaming, Start Publishing will know how to find an agent and/or publish a book.

Author Note:

I wrote this book because I wanted a list of checklists and processes that I use to format and publish a book. My original idea was to go back and change different areas as I find better methods. After I typed the first draft, I decided this would be a helpful book to other people. I always wanted to format and publish books for other people, but I never knew how I would charge for my services. I have a vision of a successful independent publishing house that receives a one-time, LOW payment from clients. There are no other publishing houses similar to my ideas, and paving a new road is always difficult. I’ve made numerous mistakes, and felt boundless joy. I decided, as I chose the sale price, to charge enough to cover book formatting and publishing services... Yes, I have updated the book several times, and will continue to update until I perform writing and publishing flawlessly. 

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I publish books under the name Cobalt Foxx in ALL genres... I also offer book formatting services & publishing support...

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