STEAMING YOUR FACE? (Tips on how to cleanse your pores throughly)

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Is it good or bad?

No it's not, if you follow these steps.

Many of us are wondering,

How can i cleanse my face and detoxify it without spending so much money on expensive beauty products. And doesn't requires specialized equipment!

I'll tell you how, follow these easy steps to achieve a healthy glowing skin. But let me just remind you, this routine need a self discipline and patience. So let's start!

What is Clogged pores? and What are the causes?

Clogged pores are one of the top contributing factors to acne breakouts. One of the major cause is the deep seated dirt that our ordinary cleanser can't remove (Also make ups). I also discovered that warm steam deeply cleanses your pores by causing you to sweat, which opens the pores and helps remove any dirt and debris out. And you know what is doesn't requires any specialized equipment! You can actually do these at home.



STEP 1: You needed a glass bowl or any kind of bowl that serves as your steamer and also a towel. 


STEP 2:  Boil a hot water in a pot, while waiting for the water to boil you can cleanse your face with your regular bar soap or any kind of cleanser of your choice.


STEP 3: After boiling, transfer the hot water in your glass bowl. Place it securely in a table and sit so you can comfortably steam your face.


STEP 4: Put a towel over your head so that you make a tent over you and the bowl of water. If at any point you feel the steam is too hot on your skin, move your face farther away from the water.


STEP 5:  Steam your face for about 10 minutes.


STEP 6: After steaming, wash your face with a lukewarm water.


STEP 7:  So here's the fun part! Since your pores are open, immediately apply your moisturizer, serum or any kind of beauty products you've been using. Open pores can easily absorb the ingredients on the beauty product.


REMINDER: Steam your face twice a week only! 




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