4 tricks perfect for planning a cheap vacations. Here's what to look for

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A passionate traveler will always hit holiday budget issue when it comes to schedule stays. If you want to enjoy as many experiences during a trip abroad is better to put into practice the tricks below.

1. Destination in the same region
If you want to make a picture about Europe or any other continent is well to schedule trips in regions well defined. Orient successively to destinations in the Iberian peninsula, Scandinavia and Central Europe if you want to get a profound experience. The choice can be done depending on the season, at the moment, for example, poartugheze the Spanish cities and more than affordable.

2. Stay in big cities
European cities are also the most expensive destinations. Schedule your visit in this day enjoying the attractions of the place and then orient toward rural areas of the countries you visit. For example, during a visit to the island of Capri is more profitable to get lodging in the small town of Anacapri, on the west side of the island than in the posh main city. The distance is not great and can be covered by public transport in less than 20 minutes.

3. The period right
Choose tourist season periods beginning or end of it so you can enjoy a holiday at a reduced price. During Easter or Christmas, cities such as Vienna, Paris and London are a nightmare for tourists, but again become available at other times of the year. Similarly, Portugal coast resorts are packed with tourists during the summer, but prove extrewm accessible in March-April or early October.

4. Find new destinations
"The tree praised not go with the bag," says a proverb that goes true-born in choosing holiday destinations. Europe charming houses and other destinations where tourist has that experience without having the impression of being plucked at every step. Ancient cities of South-Eastern Europe are jewels.

5. Reserve for
Take the time to plan excursions to book travel tickets and accommodation at more advantageous prices. Use public transport in cities to save money.