5 Easy Vegetables To Grow This Year

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Even if you are not a keen gardener, you can still have your own piece of garden, full of some great vegetables. Many people think that they won't be able to manage with all the tasks, involved in growing vegetables. Now is the perfect time to take up with gardening and to grow your favourite vegetables.

The benefits for you will be innumerable – you will have fresh and delicious vegetables at your disposal and you will be able to save up money that you would otherwise spend on buying these vegetables.

Take a look at the following lines and you will be acquainted with 5 vegetables that you can easily grow in your garden:


One of the greatest advantages of lettuce is that it grows very quickly and that it is definitely easy to harvest. If you prefer, you can even grow them in containers – they are easily maintained and they will survive even in more shady places. After all, who would mind having a fresh salad right from the yard? To guarantee excellent harvest, make successive sowing every 3 weeks.


Tomatoes are possibly the most popular vegetables that are suitable for all types of gardens. One thing to take into account is that tomatoes will need a lot of sun and a stable support for their stalks. Try to grow them in hanging baskets or in other appropriate containers. You can first try with some smaller varieties of tomatoes – cherry tomatoes are an ideal option to start with, in case you are new in growing vegetables.


In case you are fond of the idea of making your own pickles, consider the option of growing this delicious vegetable in your garden. By pickling them you, you will have an excellent probiotic food that is helpful for the boosting of your immune system. It is not preferable to grow the cucumber in a container, as they need extra space, however, as long as you have a small garden, you won''t meet difficulties in growing your own cucumbers. They need more sunlight and warm temperatures and like weeds, they will require watering on a regular basis.


In case you search for root vegetable that is easy to grow, try with planting carrot tops. If you grow them in pots, you will need to use deeper ones and that is why most people prefer to grow them outdoors. For the purpose, you will need to find a plot of soil that is deep enough for the carrots and that is not rocky because rocky soils will negative effect on the growing of the carrots are saying from Tottenham Prompt Gardeners.

Green Beans

It is generally believed that most of the beans are easy to grow and when it comes to green beans you can choose from a hundred's of varieties for your garden. They grow easily from the seeds and probably the only thing to take into account is that you should plant the beans with a trellis.

These are the five vegetables that you can easily grow in your garden. Do not hesitate to experiment with your gardening skills and to create your own vegetable plot. This way you will be able to save up a lot of money that you usually spend on buying fresh salads, tomatoes and carrots. Do not be afraid to take up with such activities, even if you are a beginner gardener. Give the utmost of your efforts and initiate your own gardening project. These vegetables could be effectively harvested multiple times and they will be certainly a great addition to your salads and meals.



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