5 Important Steps for Successful Filmmaking

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Have you tried to make movies but haven't had much success? Here are five important steps that you might be missing to be more successful in filmmaking.

1. Take time to elaborate

Perhaps you are rushing in the creation process. Take time to elaborate on your film. Don't let yourself be impatient when it comes to creating something, especially something as important as a film. Gather information. Take time to know your target audience and learn what you can about them in order to know what they will be expecting and what you can do to gain their attention more easily.

2. Choose the format that fits best to your idea

What kind of film is it going to be? An interview? A documentary? Will it be story-based or character-based? There are many things to consider when creating the plot and bringing to life your idea. Don't ignore this important part.

3. Select a style and stick to it

Is your movie going to feel like a serious film or will it be silly? Will it captivate the minds of your audience? For example, you can choose to have a documentary about birds where you shoot people interacting with birds or you can film birds alone without any interaction with human beings. Will that slight change in style even matter? That is up to you to decide.

4. Scout for appropriate locations. Don't settle for anything less.

Location. That is the most important piece of the puzzle. If you can't find something that looks remotely similar to what you had in mind, don't take it. Chances are, if you start the habit of shooting scenes in random places, your film will end up looking different than what you had in mind.

5. Will it work?

Before spending time, money, resources and effort into the production of your film. Ask yourself: will this work? Do you have enough time and resources to finish this kind of film? Or will a smaller project fit your budget better? By thinking long-term, you will help yourself avoid projects that will just waste your time and keep you from succeeding.


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