5 Reasons Why Having and Raising Kids is No Joke

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Are you single and ready to mingle? Or are you in a relationship and plan on having kids in the future? Do you think you're ready? I'm sure we've all thought about having kids at one point so here's something to think about. By the way, if you do have kids, let us know your thoughts after reading my blog. :)

As for me, I am at an age where I would have had a grade schooler by now, but then again, my college batch mates only had kids recently, aged 4 and below. My highschool batch mates though have much older kids by now, like maybe almost in high school for the early starter? Wait, we have K12 education system now, so they're in there somewhere. Lol. 

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Anyway, since most of them have kids now, sometimes I feel bombarded by kiddie pics in Facebook. Well what do I expect when they are all either married and/or have kids. Me? Right now I think I'm still not ready to have kids. I say no to unplanned pregnancies. Hah!

Why am I writing this all of a sudden? Well @Adgoggleko 's avocado post several months ago reminded me of my awesome early childhood. And yes this was written months ago, I only got to finish it now. Lol.

It may sound like I'm ranting or whatever but this may be my way of saying I am not ready to have kids. Period. From a single person's perspective, I'll give you five reasons why raising a kid or kids is no joke. But first, a video on what every new parent should know.

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1. You have to be financially stable.

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How can you raise a kid without any money saved in the bank or investments where your money earns more money? How can you even survive with an additional mouth to feed if your source of income is questionable? I mean, where will you (and your spouse) get it from? If you don't have enough savings from your job, you should consider having two jobs maybe?

You'd also have to grow up and mature fast to earn enough money to live and raise a child into an adult. That takes more or less 2 decades. 2 decades of non-stop production of money for you to raise a kid, what more if you have more than one child? Omg. O_O. I cannot fathom how I will do it. 

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Unless you're from a rich family, who else has at least 2 decades worth of savings and/or emergency fund for hospital bills, education, food, clothing and all those basic needs? Work forever? Take loans forever? This is where life insurance comes in for the have nots like most of us.

Times are a-changing so we have to budget, plan, save then invest and do all sorts of money growing stuff to raise kids well. Having kids won't make you rich but don't let being parents stop you from being better with your finances.


2. You have to be ready to raise them in a great and "almost perfect" environment.

You'd have to learn how to manage your worries and anxieties and all that shizz because hey, this is your child/children we're talking about, you don't want anything bad to happen to them AT ALL.

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But what is a perfect or the best environment? Is it homeschooling so they don't encounter bad behavior from other kids and you can teach what you think is best for them? Is it sending them to an international school or a private and expensive school so they have the best network when they grow up? 

Whatever you do as a parent and wherever you are, the child will experience many things as they grow up. Of course as parents you don't want them to get hurt or be in pain but it is part of growing up. Look at you, you grew up okay, right? Lol.

Heck I heard when you've got 3 or more kids you just won't care as much as having just one child. By that time you won't consider them too precious, or worry too much for every small thing because you'd be treating them like the kids they are. Lol. Probably because you're used to kids at that point, having more than 3. 

Oh but then again you would have to be careful of favoritism and such. Whew. Ah to be a parent seems like such a chore. 

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3. You have to know how to raise them as responsible adults.

We all want the best for our children. Even if the child is our niece or nephew, we will still care for them and would want them to grow up as nice and responsible adults. 

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There are a lot of things a child has to know. Aside from learning the basic skills of reading, writing, and mathematics, we also have to teach them good manners and right conduct - how to be respectful to elders and caring towards other people and even the environment. We also need to instill in them a sense of pride in our country and nationality. And we have to make sure they are aware of our country's history and how there are a lot of people that will sway them to this and that because of different people who can be seen quarreling over politics, religion and money. Yeah, we also need to teach them how to save, value and work hard for their money.

Yes we have schools and universities but we all know that the first education happens at home, school second. And because we can't teach our kids everything we have to let them read a lot of books so they can become successful people in the future.

Successful = rich. Yeah usually that's the case right? Haha. Or at least have them be known as an expert in a certain field, like painting, karate, or singing etc.



4. You're on call 24/7.

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Remember as a kid we always called out to our mom whenever anything happened? Anytime we needed help it's always mom, mom, mom. Unless you grew up with maids or your grandparents because your parents are always out working then you won't be calling on mom 24/7.

Imagine if you have more than one child all clamoring for your attention. Huhu. How busy mom's can be. Imagine if you're a working mom at that! This is why I have more respect to moms now than when I was younger. 

Several years ago I wasn't even thinking about these thoughts because most of my peers were still single. But now that a lot of them have kids I always see baby pictures and kids growing up on my FB timeline. Oh dear God. How time flies. 

So of course with all of that thrown in my face I can't help but imagine what it's like to have kids. And on top of that an officemate has unruly kids that sometimes I'd like to scold them for their behavior because their mom can't control them. Or, well, if the kids are hardheaded I'd just tell them how the right thing should be done. If they are well behaved of course they get praises and such.

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Who am I to judge parents these days though? They are all complaining that the kids today are uncontrollable. Well, it depends how they are raised you know. Anyway, I am just glad I don't have kids yet because it will be a headache if I can't see past the negatives of having children.



5. In case you didn't plan on having a kid, you're gonna have to grin and bear it forever. 

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We've all heard or known about the case of the unwanted child, the accidental baby and all that. It sucks to be unwanted right? If your parent/s didn't really want to bring you into this world but as a consequences just went on and gave birth to you, would you feel appreciated or loved at all?

Some parents just went ahead and accepted their fate. Even if it was or wasn't a mistake, if it is an unwanted child then a parent or parents may not show love to him/her at all. Such a tragedy when it happens because it causes bitterness to all parties involved

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I made a new friend late last year and I found out the reason she was always seeking love and attention from others is because she was an unwanted child. This irked me because it made me hate the parents for the way she was treated but of course I only heard her part of the story so who knows if it's all true right? But still it made me feel bitter and thought that if it was me I would feel really bad and angry about it. Lol. 

This is another reason I will not have kids until I am ready. But you know even when I am ready and the child does not come it won't matter much to me. There are lots of ways to have kids these days so I'm not worried. Haha.

And because we're still childless, let's enjoy it while we still can! 

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