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Comfort zone is the most delicious in the world. We feel lazing there and did not want to leave. But, if we continue to be lulled in the comfort zone would also eliminate satisfaction, to grow, and afraid to face the challenges of your life. Activity that you live felt to be monotonous and you stop to learn something new. The following article gives a few ways in which you can free yourself from your comfort zone and immediately achieved success.

Out of the comfort zone is not just an option, but a necessity. People who do not venture out of your comfort zone will not be able to go forward. In fact, he might not survive. The term, he could not adapt to natural selection.

1. Find the point where you are stuck
The first step to get out of your comfort zone is to first understand where your current comfort zone. Try to analyze the daily activities or your appearance and see if there is a fixed pattern. Do you always wear a dress model that's it or have a hair style that is 'outdated'? Do you want to hang out with some people or doing the same routine day after day? This will give an indication of the pattern of what makes you stuck with your comfort zone.

2. Curb self development
The most important thing in order to move away from your comfort zone is to get rid of your inhibitions. Do not constantly worry about other people's judgment against you or what they will think of you. In other words, do not worry you will be embarrassed. This will help you to live freely without involving other people's perception about you.

3. Confront your own fears
We all must have some reasonable fears and no. Fear often prove to be a major barrier to the growth of our own. Facing your fears to calm, rather than running away from reality. This method can really help you out of your comfort zone. Remember, start facing your fears slowly and indirectly to confront your phobia. Enlist the help of support from friends because they will definitely provide the necessary motivation.

4. Do something new
One of the easiest and most effective way to get out of your comfort zone is to try to do something that has never been done before. It could be something as basic as trying a new hobby. Join the foreign language class, try karaoke, or just go to the movies alone. The point of this exercise is to familiarize yourself involved in a situation that has never been encountered before.

5. Get acquainted with new friends
Out of the comfort zone means out of the environment where you are. This means that you are dealing with new people. Prepare yourself to get out of your comfort zone by multiplying new friends, socialize with various circles. By extending the association, it can help reduce anxiety when you are in an unfamiliar situation. At least, the people you've just met can help you mengadapi new situation.

Our world today is a world that is filled with all the uncertainty. Every step we take, every decision we make, every place we flown, as comfortable as any still have uncertainty. By learning to get out of your comfort zone is the right step to survive in this world that uncertainty.

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