5 ways to sustain marital bliss

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Once you get married and settle down, it’s easy to fall into a rut and develop feelings of dissatisfaction overtime. When the stress of practicalities seeps in, it can take a toll on your marriage. In order to prevent this, and to ensure that your happiness continues for a long time after you tie the knot, follow these suggestions:

1. Practice kindness and forgiveness

The most important traits in a spouse are kindness and forgiveness. Don’t just expect them, extend them too. When having an argument, make a conscious effort to remain kind. You might want to destroy your partner’s argument with a mean comeback, but resist the urge to do so and it will take you a long way. When one of you messes up, the other should make forgiveness the priority, rather than proving a point.

2. Do not let children come in between the two of you

When you have kids, it can be very challenging to maintain the romance between you two. Most of your time and energy goes towards them. However, it is important that you schedule some one-on-one time and ask your parents or friends for help with the kids. Another source of disagreement that stems from child rearing is arguing over different parenting styles. Sometimes your spouse will be fine with something your child does that you do not approve of. In such a situation, instead of fighting with each other over who’s a better parent, discuss a strategy beforehand and stick to it. It will be beneficial for your children too.

3. Laugh together Overtime,

many couples forget how it was when they were free of responsibilities and practicalities of life and used to laugh together. Make it a point to continue the laughter rituals, no matter how many years you’ve been together for. Watch funny movies together or tease each other or your friends and get some laughs every now and then.

4. Focus on the important things and ignore the trivial stuff

Your marriage won’t always be smooth. There will be many instances where little things will escalate into huge fights and leave you both feeling bitter. Or there will be moments when small disagreements will lead you to lose track of your priorities and you might dwindle or think about cheating. Make sure you always keep reminding yourself of why you got married in the first place. Let go of the trivial stuff and focus on what’s truly important – not just when you have a fight, but all the time.

5. Start and end your day with each other

Always make sure you greet each other lovingly in the morning, and go to bed in the same manner (unless you’re angry, it’s better to go to bed angry rather than continuing to fight if you can’t figure out a solution). It’s a simple thing, but it really adds a lot of meaning to each day, knowing that you have the love and support of your partner.

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