"5 Words" Behind the Scenes

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5 Words is about the persecution of religion in the former Soviet Union, specifically Christians during the 1950's-60's. This film is based of off the true events from my grandmothers life.

We had a blast shooting this film! It took us about 2 days, and had a crew of about 10-14 people! While directing and producing this piece, I placed a large amount of effort into resembling the time era as closely as possible. That includes all the right props, wardrobe, and locations that would pertain to that era. 

Here are some behind the scenes photos from 5 Words film! Enjoy!

Interrogator (Tolik Pavlenko), main actor in 5 Words. (Photo by: Victoria Mulyar)

German Shepard owner, Max Lopatin preps his dog named Luke for the opening scene. (Photo by: Victoria Mulyar)

(Photo by: Victoria Mulyar)

Extras getting ready to film the next scene. (Photo by: Victoria Mulyar)

Dennis Mulyar, Left (Director, Producer), and Leo Zhuchenko, Right (Director of Photography) compose a shot for the main interrogation. (Photo by: Victoria Mulyar)

Extras are briefed by Dennis Mulyar (Director) about the scene. (Photo by: Victoria Mulyar)

Leo Zhuchenko (DoP) shows the interrogator how he will slap the interrogated woman in the main scene. (Photo by: Victoria Mulyar)

(Photo by: Victoria Mulyar)

Tatyana Trishchuk playing the role of the young woman who was interrogated. (Photo by: Sophia Timchenko)

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