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Writing is an enjoyable activity to do. It's a good medium for sharing thoughts, stories, and information. For me, writing is a way to unload what's on your mind. It gives me a refreshing and happy feeling. However, things might get a little bit tiring when you are asked to write a blog daily, such as on bitLanders. Read on to find out how you can manage to write blogs faster and possibly submit one daily.


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The most important reason why you should practice writing efficiently is time. Doesn't it feel better when you've finished writing something earlier than you've expected? Saving time by being efficient means extra time to do other stuff which gives you a better sense of accomplishment and time management.

Another reason why writing with efficiency is important is organization. This is very helpful if you have a very busy mind like me. Being organized helps you sort out your thoughts leading to a better flow of ideas when writing. Thus, a better presentation of work and, more often than not, finishing it on time and even earlier.

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I know everyone here is struggling to submit a blog daily especially for new users and others who are new to blogging. As you can see, I am already a member for 4 years but I just began writing blogs on bitLanders 2.5 years ago because I was intimidated of submitting blogs and having it reviewed. I was anxious about it. It's true that the beginning is always the hardest, but once you have found your own technique, you'll surely get enjoy and continue doing more. For this blog, I will reveal to you how I write my blogs efficiently to inspire anyone who is struggling with writing blogs.


Hello, friends! Before we proceed, may I just remind you that the tips I have listed below are my own method of writing efficiently. Other users surely have their own set of ways of writing with efficiency but for people out there who are new to blogging, I dedicate these tips especially to you!


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The first step I always do, of course, is to think of a topic I could write about. For me, this is the most critical step because your subject will determine what your blog is all about. Make sure that you can write a thousand words or more about your chosen topic that is why it's very important that you are interested or knowledgeable about it.

People usually give up on the first step because they find it difficult to think of a subject. I remember inviting some to join bitLanders but they backed away because they can't think of anything to write or simply just find writing blogs daunting and a very big task. I was like them before, but through writing regularly, I realized that finding a subject to write is actually quite easy even though I consider it a crucial part of writing. You just have to open your mind and be creative. That's it! By the way, don't forget to write it on a paper, type it on your phone, or anywhere you can record it so you won't forget it! (Maybe I should write about how to find a subject for a blog next time. Well, I guess I should!)


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The next step I do after thinking of a subject is to create an outline, or the main topics and its subtopics. I normally create a couple of subtopics to easily breakdown and organize my thoughts regarding the subject. It also makes it easier for me to embed photos and videos later on. This is why carefully choosing a subject is important. If you can't create main topics and subtopics about your subject, then you are already in trouble of composing your blog.

If your subject determines what your blog is about, your outline helps you determine how long your blog will be. It serves as your blog's framework or skeleton which will shape the quality of your blog. Just as careful as you are in choosing your subject, you should also be careful on what to put in your outline.


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After laying out the outline, I proceed next to writing the draft or the body of the blog. This is the longest part of the step and where I always get stuck especially when I was still a newbie in blogging and bitLanders. I often think carefully of my words to make sure I express my thoughts properly. English is not my primary language which is why I spend a lot of time writing drafts.

It may be good to write carefully for the draft but I realized that you can save it later on when you proofread. Just write in your most comfortable way while writing your draft. In case you can't find the right term for a word, then just use simple words for the mean time. Don't spend so much time over it. What's important when writing your draft is to materialize your thoughts.

Writing your draft immediately is important so you won't lose those words in your head. Find the medium that is most convenient for you. For me, I typically write my draft on a word processor like Microsoft Word and also on my phone to maximize time. Using my phone lets me write even though I am lying on my bed or while I am travelling. Right now, believe it or not, I write my drafts on a notebook. Why? I find it comfortable. I'll tell you more about it next time!


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Once I have completed my draft, I fix the layout next. I do not write my drafts directly on bitLanders' blog editor so formatting the layout comes after the draft, obviously. Formatting the texts at the same time makes me work a little faster too.

It is essential to make your blog easy to read so that readers don't get confused and bored. However, you don't have to overdo your style of format. I always prefer my layout to be simple and clear. I use a bigger text size for the main topics and smaller text size for the subtopics, both bolded. I also use bullets to properly show the subtopics. Main topics are also center justified while the subtopics are left aligned.  I always use this format for my layout and it had helped my blog to look organized. If you have been reading my blogs, I am sure you have already noticed my pattern for each of my blogs. Creating your standard format  is one of the best ways to work on your blog efficiently.


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The reason why I format the layout first before proofreading is that proofreading becomes easier when the texts are organized. This step is simple but may take a little time because you have to properly check your grammar and spelling. You also have to check the flow of sentences whether it's making sense or not. This is where you add or remove words or sentences, and move it into a new paragraph if needed be.

Proofreading is very important for me because I have this habit of forgetting or duplicating some words when I write. However, I don't use any online grammar and spelling checker. I only have Microsoft Word and myself because I don't want to rely much on them. I believe this will make me dependent with it and lousy when composing traditionally.

I also make use of this step to put the internal and external links because you will surely not miss any words to be linked. Proofreading is also when I format the texts of the paragraphs.


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After I make sure the format of my topics and sentences are already fixed, I can now finally embed the photos, videos, and Querlo chatbot. I add them after proofreading because it is easier to scroll around the blog and edit sentences. Having photos, videos, and chatbot added before proofreading makes you do more scrolling which is time consuming and tiring. Meanwhile, putting it last will make it easier for you on which paragraph you'll insert them.

I also put the sources of each photos and videos immediately after embedding them. This is for me not to forget writing and linking their sources. For the format of the sources, I use smaller text size and also italicize them. (bitLanders Content Review: Citing sources for your blogs)


Before I am certain that my content is ready for submission, I do a final proofreading by checking the links I have placed. We do not want to have broken links on our blogs, right? I also do a final check with the format because there are instances that I still miss formatting some words. The spacing may also change sometimes.


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The last step I do for my blog are adding tags and editing the title. The tags need to be a combination of the specific and generic terms. I really love putting the tags because it feels like adding tags on Instagram. You just have to think of words that would best describe your content which will be easier for people to search your blog.

On the other hand, I usually edit the title last so I could clearly think of words for it. I just put a temporary title while I write and edit my content because thinking of a title can be difficult sometimes and you can't save your draft on bitLanders without a title. Of course, you can write the title anytime an idea comes to your mind. Sometimes, I am able to write a title even before beginning the outline but most of the time, I save it for last. It's up to you.


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Blogging doesn't have to be complicated. You can make it easier and simple by being systematic and creating a routine you would stick to. Of course, you can adjust it whenever you deem necessary. bitLanders has the simplest platform for blogging so all you have to focus on when creating a blog are the steps/tips I've mentioned above. Don't forget to click the submit button so Miss Hillary can review it!

There you go! I hope my tips help you in writing your next blogs efficiently. You can surely find your own style which is comfortable for you as you write more blogs. For now, let this guide help you as you take on the journey of blogging especially here on bitLanders. When the time comes that you find your own technique, don't forget to share it with us too!

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Good luck and don't forget to participate on the bitLanders' blog tasks!

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