A land we gained, A land we lost

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let me take you back to the history. 14 August, 1947. A land filled with the smell of patriotism. Wherepeople dreamed for a home. Where people dreamed for independence. Where people dreamed for Pakistan.
But if we compare today's Pakistan with that Pakistan, then it’s just like that today we are living in Fools' Paradise.
It’s true that Pakistan has made headway in many fields since 1947. Today Pakistan is among those eight countries of the world which are the nuclear power. Pakistan has the best army and an up to date defense system. Pakistan's telecommunication industry is the world's largest growing industry with an increment of 30% annually. Pakistan is making its mark in IT, software development, sports, literature, web designing, mechanics, civics and self-production. But...
But Mr. President, it might become a debatable point to say that it’s nothing but a stroke of fortune.
Mr. President the success of a person, a team or a group does not create the sense that we are in the pink of perfection.
Today I’m standing in a society where people are burnt alive as a result bomb blast in a non-Muslim society. Where two brothers from Sialkot are brutally killed just for the guilt of robbery. From religious issues to simple domestic problems, from economical disasters to the breading of children, from politics to racism, from international discussions to a cricket match, we are not tolerant at any stage of our life. And we still expect peace and prosperity,from Karachi to Lahore, from Shia to Sunni, from Muslims to Christians and from the class room to the auditorium of APS Peshawar, do we witness any sign of dreams which are fore-fathers watched? What we witness is hues and cries, sobs and screams, shattered dead bodies, shouting people, crying mothers, weeping fathers, shrieking sisters, yelling brothers and a lot of bloodshed.
Quaid's Pakistan was not for Mr. Zardari to become one of the richest persons of the world. Quaid's Pakistan was not for selling our sisters, mothers and daughters to those Americans. Quaid's Pakistan was not for Pakistanis to be killed as a result of target killing. Quiad's Pakistan was not for Drone attacks to be destroyed each day.
Mr. President I ask you. Was Quaid looking for this Pakistan in which mothers are compelled to sell their children? or Quaid was looking for this Pakistan in which people, in fact Pakistanis are killed for no reason? or Was Quaid looking for this Pakistan in which our fathers are at their wits' end worrying about how to pay utility bills?
Mr. President...!
Was Quaid looking for this Pakistan in which we, the students, the backbone of this nation have no choices but to commit suicides?

Quaid's Pakistan was corruption free. Quaid's Pakistan was bribery free. Quaid's Pakistan was nepotism free. Quaid's Pakistan was black marketing free. In short Quaid's Pakistan was evil free. Mr President Quaid's Pakistan was a country with Patriotic leaders.
But today our leaders count only their advantages, their wills, their wishes and every leader is just looking for his own loaves and fishes.
What is left for this are a few ropes of sands, some tears of crocodile and an old habit of blowing their own trumpet.
Mr President how can we say that it is Quaid's Pakistan? Was this the Pakistan, the Quaid looked for? Was this the Pakistan, the Quaid fought for? Was this the Pakistan, the Quaid struggled for? No...Not at all... And the reason of our downfall is our most trusted our master, our boss and our so called bosom friend...
And who brought those killers to Pakistan? We, our leaders, our slaved leaders, our greedy leaders, our corrupt leaders and our entire nation are facing the hazards now. If we want this Pakistan to be Quaid's Pakistan, we need to eradicate this disease, this fair-weathered friend, the snake in the grass, this evil from our villages, our cities, our government, our nation and most important thing from our minds and souls.
And the 2nd reason is we, this nation, the Pakistani Nation. Hats off to this nation. We are not even able to call ourselves a nation. we able to call ourselves a nation when we are killing our own brothers? Are we able to call ourselves a nation when we are robbing our own houses? Are we able to call ourselves a nation when we are selling our own sisters?
The query lies in the answer of No. Then how we can say that it’s Quaid's Pakistan?
Mr. President Do you know what is difference between this Pakistan and that Pakistan?
At that time a nation wanted a country but today a country wants a nation. And when Pakistan will have a nation.
Thank you so much...!!!

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