A little big step: The plane

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A Little Big Step, the fashion film I created and directed for Maá Shoes is going to be released in a couple of weeks at La Jolla Fashion Film Festival, so it´s time to talk a little bit more about it!

After shooting at the park we went to Llumm Studios, the studio where I´ve almost shot all my productions. Feels like home for me. What did we want to shoot there?

A plane, of course!

Since the studio opened 5 years ago they had it there but never used it in any production so I talked to Carlos Gutiérrez, the owner of Llumm and told him it was already time to do something with it!

 I couldn´t resist to take a picture inside....

The kids freaked out when they saw it. They didn´t expect to shoot with a real plane. In fact, that plane flew all the allowed hours and had to be retired from the hangar. If it could talk, I´m wondering how many adventures it could tell!

 Pictures by Claudia Marconell

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