A Piece of Mosquito Net

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This post of a friend in Facebook brings back a memory from the past.

Many years ago, at my workplace, several of us who came from other places stayed inside the company’s premises. We found out that there was somebody who cannot sleep without a piece of mosquito net covering his feet, as shown in the above picture.

Then wonder of wonders, ha, ha, … I found out later that actually there were others who do that also. They can't leave their home without the mosquito net. They would definitely see to it that they have with them that piece of the mosquito net whenever they travel away from home.

I thought, “That’s weird. Why? … Why would somebody do that?”

Then today, I saw this post from one of those colleagues who were with me at that time.

Now I think maybe because here in our country, in the Philippines, especially in the country side where there are many mosquitos, people normally slept inside mosquito nets to avoid them; to protect themselves from the bites of the mosquitos.

        an image of a mosquito net taken from www.google.

Clearly, these mosquito nets therefore represent security and protection for someone that he acquired out of habit; and I think this is the reason why someone cannot sleep well without his feet covered with a piece of the net.

Incidentally, our very own President Duterte also has acquired similar habit; but not just covering his feet but also his entire body; for he cannot sleep unless he is inside a mosquito net. This is a fact that he himself divulged. He has even shown his bedroom with the mosquito net actually hanging over his bed.


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