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As many of our supporters know, MDF has made some successful deliveries of Michael's Dream Boxes to medical facilities that focus on the care of children. Left over from those deliveries, we have a small surplus of toys and games in storage, and would now like to use that inventory, to better even more lives of children who are ill. We would like to add to our existing stock through donations, to make a small delivery to a facility within the US.

What we'd ideally like, is to have our donors use our Good360 wish list located on our donation page, which will allow us to use the money donated to purchase high quality brand games and toys for next to nothing, which would better the impact for the children receiving these Dream Boxes.

We also want to have the Dream Box delivery go out in September to celebrate MDF's 4 year anniversary, and would appreciate any additional support anyone could offer. 
We also would like to make it fun, so anyone donating $10 or more will be entered into our current mug raffle, so if you are able to give these Dream Boxes a boost for the children please visit our website atwww.michaelsdreamfoundation.org and click the Donate! tabs to access our donation page where you will find a new Good360 section. If you donate $10 or more and would like to be entered into our mug raffle you just need to forward your donation receipt to info@michaelsdreamfoundation.org.

We at MDF want to thank you for your continuing support.

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