A Shot of Motivation ;)

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Just wanna say have faith in yourself. I know you have heard it from a thousand other people. But may now is the time you should actually take a step and have faith in yourself.

Whatever your struggle is can't get a job? Struggling with your weight and can't loose? Have a bad hair day every other day? Failing all your tries to forget someone who doesn't deserve you and has proven this to you already? Just keep working don't give up. You never know which moment is the right time/ Life is all about timing you know, "one chance one shot" such is said in a song but ain't this true? You never know when are you out of the darkness and before you even realize you're on your way to success. Already present yourself the best in job interviews, giving yourself the best hairdos, might have lost more than a kg already :) might have forgotten him long ago and cherishing the gifts of life. You never know when you get used to success. Just keep working on yourself. Hard work is the key. And if you're already working hard, you ain't a quitter and that's what makes you a winner. Never give it up on anything or anyone. Just do what you think is right, don't pull others to the ground just fly to the top with no evil in heart no negativity in mind and you'll see yourself higher than you could ever imagine. Remain steadfast, inspire others and you'll get it back from your very own self :) Trust me

Keep Striving and you'll in shaa Allah be successful

Keep Smiling. Stay Blessed. Good Luck :)

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