A simple smile can take you a long way!!

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When you smile genuinely, it not only sparks feelings of happiness and well being in you, it also implies to the people around you and that you’re extremely cooperative, very trustworthy and can be approached without any sort of hesitation.

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A genuine smile is one that creeps onto the face slowly, causes the face to light up, brings out crinkles near the eyes and is very slow to fade away. Such type of smile of very distinguishable from the regular fakes smiles.

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Smiling has an extremely strong impact on how people respond to you as an individual. Normally, when you smile at someone, they will more often than not smile back. Our facial expressions have a way to trigger the emotions in ourselves, so whenever we make a smile, it encourages feelings of positivity in the person for you.

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Thus, ever if you come face to face with a younger one, a colleague, who you absolutely cannot stand or do not wish to interact with, give them a heartfelt smile.

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