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It is very rare that one can tell a story in two minutes. Especially when the story is touching and close to the heart.

But that is exactly what Jonathan has done with his short film “Sherry- like the drink”.

It is about a lady who was a teacher by profession but more than that she was a friend for many. In the small town she lived, people always flocked to her for advice and help and she was more than willing to oblige.

The title of the film is an ode to how she lived her life. And through out the film, the focus on her character as she was in real life is highlighted, as bubbly, fun loving, helpful, inspiring, and always with a zest for life.

The whole picture tells  the story of  her attachment towards the kids and  the people around her. The music by Chris Revgel is just wonderful and in perfect tune with the cartoon characters. I like the way the children are shown playing in the park and how  a child uses the slide to join his group.  

The animation was done on paper and inked with ink liners, scanned and coloured digitally.

It is only at the end of the movie we realise that Jonathan was talking about his own mother. Considering the fact that this was made about nine years ago, (when the technical advancement was not so great) I should say this is a swell job. And what a wonderful tribute to a mother !



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