A weekend in Germany - Day 2: Hermitage and Court Garden in Bayreuth

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Bayreuth in German is the town where we stayed for our first night and Best Western Hotel was our choice. It was decent, comfortable and clean.

9AM - It was time for breakfast! Many hotels in Europe often offer buffet breakfast  and our hotel was one of them. What is a buffet? It is a style of serving meals, usually food is placed in a public area and people generally serve themselves. So basically you can eat as much as you want and I surely ate a lot! :D We then continued visiting some places in Germany.

Hermitage(in German: 'Eremitage') in Bayreuth was one of the places we visited on our second day of the trip.


Hermitage hosts the most well know park in Bayreuth: "Hermitage Park". It is a public park and also the biggest park in the town, with an area of 50 hectares.


There are some main attractions in the park - New Hermitage Place, Sun Temple and Court Garden.

This is Sun Temple of the New Hermitage Palace crowned with the sun chariot of Apollo. According to Bayreuth page on wikipedia, they were built from 1749 to 1753 to replace the Old Palace.


This is a picture of me and Sun Temple of the New Hermitage Palace :)


New Hermitage Palace and its Court Garden:

It was a nice place, good for a walk!



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