Ability To See Ghosts

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Do you know someone who can see ghosts or other creature unseen but normal people? Those people having this ability, some might consider it a gift and some considered it a curse.

My younger sister, has the ability to see ghosts. There had been many times since she told us that she had seen one but she seemed to been used to it so it does not bother her or at least she is not that scared anymore. Anyway since she was a child, she is very brave going to the dark. I am so rattled whenever she describes what she had seen.

She said it started to see ghost during  her high school. There was this one night she went outside to pee. She noticed our dog focused her sight and attention to one side and seem bothered near the laundry area. When my sister look at the direction where our dog is looking, she noticed someone standing near the laundry area that seem an old man wearing a dirty white over all and holding a 2 by 2 wood log looking at her.

She focused her eyes and intently looked just to be horrified to notice his bloody face and the log full of blood. Upon realizing it's not a living human, naturally, she screamed and ran inside the house. Our father was not there before since he delivered his harvested vegetable to the city.

She was guessing that that was our grandfather who was killed before. Beaten by a 2 by 2 log to death and stole his money. But she's puzzled why would our grand father appeared to her with a look that seem to be angry and wanted to hurt her?

Since then, she said that she easily feel the presence of the unseen and sometime even see them.



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