About spiritual ism(rohaniat)

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 Some of the inquirers have asked us to cast a ray of light on the

mysteries of the human soul. As we found their question based on

sincere faith, and since we believed that they could be profited in a

general way from the personal vision of the sufis, we acceded to their

request and begged the Almighty Allah to enable us to be of real

service to them, for all the human beings will eventually nretur to

Him. He guides whom He pleaseth to His own light and rewards His

believing servants for their acts of obedience in the spirit of

generosity and encouragement.asking us the meaning of the Qur

  When the matter is fit enough to attract the soul, and consequently

the latter enters the former, this entry is called taswiyah. That

matter is the refined and specially prepared dust in respect of Adam

and sperm in respect of his descendants, i.e. human beings, for purely

dry objects like earth and stone cannot be kindled into flames, nor

does a wet thing like water attract fire, which is composed of various

component parts, but this does not mean that all compound things like

mud are capable of attracting fire. It is essential that the earth be

compounded several times in order to become suitable for catching fire.

In like manner Allah the Almighty