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Acid attack is such a word, that it seems odd to read it and usually womanhood suffers this word. Islam has given women a superior status and value in society but still there are some people in this society who do not care to respect women. In every society men have an important responsibility and it is his duty to fulfill his responsibility. Women have also an important status in society. As for today's woman to be seen then it would not be wrong to say that today women is more liberal than man. In every walk of life woman has proved herself. A few people in our society consider women as puppet or doll and made her victim of vindictiveness. Many years ago woman was considered as a sign of disgrace and was buried alive, then Islam has given her an important place. When we talk about a woman many fingers rise  up on this subject because it is a serious problem.

Since the acid attack began indeed, it has seen hat thousands of women have been victims of this heinous crime that is acid attacks. In fact women also take revenge from men by throwing acid on them. In South Asia, acid throwing incidents can be seen because here girls refuse to trust on strangers due to which men make them victim of acid attacks. The second biggest reason is that they insist women for love or relationship but women reject and clearly refuse them so the man to avenge  make her face the target of acid throwing. As a result she spends the rest of her life in hiding her face from the world.

As far as our neighbor country Afghanistan is concern it is significantly different. In Afghanistan radical people has made acid as a weapon against girls studying in schools and colleges. It is their tradition that first they verbally forbade girls to leave the house for education. When they see that their verbal threats are not working then they use acid as their weapon. To teach bitter lesson to these rebellious female students their faces are subjected with acid attacks and their beauty is seared forever. Another reason behind acid attacks in Afghanistan is that those women who are without hijab so they are oppressed with acid attacks. In Afghanistan there are just these two reasons for violence against women and infidelity of women is not concerned with acid throwing which is typically seen in other countries.

Now comes our other neighbors country India its population is greater than Pakistan, events of violence can also be seen every day. Moreover women are made victim of many atrocities in this country. India is a country where the situation of women is very different here women are victims of sexual abuse. In the case of a woman the thinking of India is like old ages. Here woman has freedom but also woman has fear of her beauty and dignity that she might lose them at any time. Here acid attacks are due to disloyalty of women. In India it has become a regular routine to harass girls. When girls slap them they have to sacrifice their face or have faced sexual abuse. So it is shown that man targets the face of women because he knows well that face is worth for a girl. If beauty of her face is snatched away there is no other worst punishment for her.



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