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Acting is the best job I've ever known. Want be an actor is something really hard, it's not about the shape or appearance.

It's about the feeling that you can act. One of the hardest jobs all over the world cause you are any one in the world you are the doctor the engineer the accountant the babe the student the sick person the teacher the marketer the scientist the merchant the old man the father the bad guy...etc

Because it's my major or my profession I can tell you that acting in front of people is something really really hard Well, actually I see all people around the world are actors and actresses. For instance you can get a great mood this morning and you are not in need to let anybody else change such a great mood you are having you turn on to be an actor and make straight face and no talking much till you get in your office and then you continue enjoying the great mood you are having. See ! you act for a few minutes to arrive safely to your office.

Another thing I'd like to speak about is the talent. Talent in acting is not so big like you might imagine, as for myself I see the talent is about only 20 or 30 percent to be a great actor or actresses. It's all about experiences and studying really well.

-Let me speak more about the acting "My Major" in the next blog and some kinds of acting. Thanks .

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