Action in the event of fire, Basic fire fighting and Fire safety tips

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Action in the event of fire



As we all understand, there must be certain guidelines or procedure to follow in case you discover a fire, Many calls or incidents happen and cause damage to property, injuries to people and sometimes death because we don’t know what our individual responsibilities is in the event of fire.


  1. Raise the alarm

 2.   Call the fire department

3.   Attack the fire

4.   Evacuation


Fire safety tips

1.   Notifying fire department quickly and correctly in case of fire or emergency

2.   Practice your planned escape.

3.   Stay low and go

4.   Keep fire escape clear

5.   Matches: keep away from the reach of the children

6.   Good smoking habits

7.   Stop, drop, and roll.

8.   Take care in the kitchen.

9.   Keep some space around appliances.

10.  Overloaded connection/ socket

11.  Install and maintain life saving detectors.

12.  Cool water for burns

13.  Good housekeeping.



Basic fire fighting


To give personnel a basic knowledge of:

1.   Combustion and the hazards

2.   Portable fire equipment

3.   Life saving equipment

4.   Survival techniques and procedures to follow

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