Afghan Citadel and #SustainableEducation for Afghan students

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The women are activating the same as men in very difficult and dark situation. It is being done in the worse and very preventing situation of our country and families.

Fortunately, some organizations and institutes are trying to make some safe situation for the girls to have better activities. Citadel company is one of them the is working to improve and grow the girls talents by making some computer and social media classes in different schools of different provinces. Ghoharshad high school is one of them

As usually that we study our lessons, the girls of social media class leaned Google plus and Gmail. They wrote some articles by topics of proud football players of Afghanistan, there are hope in disappointment and the youth’s problems in the society. They put their blogs in filmannex accounts that made for themselves before. 

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Ghouharshad High School is established in 1340 at the time of Zahir Shah in the middle of Herat city. The school is including 54 classes, 254 teachers, and about ten thousands of students who are studying in different shifts. Afghan Citadel Software Company equipped the school with an IT Class…

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