Afghan Citadel Software Company in Herat city

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Afghan Citadel Software Company’s center in Herat is a place you see different hopes in the eyes of the girls who learn social media and internet there.

Last week I went there to see if they are happy with their lessons and equipment up there.

As I entered to that class, approximately 20 girls were sitting behind computers. Some of them were busy with social media and some others were engaged in writing articles.

There were some fresh ones who had never experienced social media and internet; they were learning how to create social media accounts and how to use them. They were looking as happy as if they had never been before.

The teachers who teach them internet and social media are all professional ones. They have already received their bachelor’s degrees from Computer Science Faculty of Herat University. Thus, the girls who were there were satisfied both with the teachers and equipment available there.

More important, the girls who were there are, now, even more sociable ones. They have got communication with hundreds of people in Afghanistan and outside the country.

Today, Afghanistan is moving towards development and technology. Thus, a bright future is waiting for this war-torn country.

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