Afghan Dry Fruits & Nuts

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Dry fruits are widely known for the skin and health benefits, they are packed with essential nutrients, fats and various vitamins that's why you can find these products used commercially in many beauty products, many doctors recommend the dry fruits for diet patients as well.

With more than 65% population in the agricultural sector, Afghanistan is one of the oldest and leading producers of dry fruits in the world. As a high tea consuming nation, presenting dry fruits with tea has been centuries old tradition in different parts of the country. During Nawroz (Afghanistan New Year) a day of celebration, Haft Mewa, which is a mixture of seven dry fruits is served for the guests. Not only Afghans but visitors also love the haft mewa, its easily available prepared at different Bazaars in normal days. 

Many businessmen export the dry fruits to different parts of the world but especially in neighboring countries such as India, Pakistan, Iran, Tajikistan. Dry fruits and nuts from Afghan land are famous for their high quality and taste, they are a great gift from the nature with amazing benefits, some of the famous dry fruits and nuts are as following.


Dry Apricots

The nutrients in apricots help protect the heart and eyes, as a good source of fibres they are very effective in preventing constipation and digestive conditions such as diverticulosis.

Black Mulberry

The mulberries are known to improve blood circulation; they strengthen kidneys and cleanse the liver. As they are high in vitamin C and flavonoids which makes them natural immune booster therefore they prevent flu, cold and cough. 

Dry Figs

High in nutrients contents, fig contains Vitamin A, C, E & K and minerals such as calcium, copper, iron. All these nutrients are highly beneficial in reducing the risk of breast cancer, blood cholesterol. Due to high water content, the mashed figs acts as an excellent skin cleanser and help in caring acne.

Shelled Almonds: Packed with essential fatty acids,fibres and proteins, the almonds are very effective in treating acne. Almonds improve our blood circulation and haemoglobin, they also reduce cholesterol and help in prevention of cancer such as lungs and breast cancer.

White Green Pistachio

A powerhouse of nutrients, due to vitamin E, they protect our skin from UV rays, premature ageing and skin cancer, they oil from pistachio is used in skin smoothing. 


Available throughout the year, raisins are an excellent source of energy specially used by athletes and bodybuilders, these are rich in iron and copper which are necessary in the formation of red blood cells, because of oleanolic acids in raisins, they are very effective in providing protection against cavities and tooth decay.

Pine nuts 

These are excellent source of energy, rich in vitamins A and lutein which support sharper vision. Due to vitamin D pint nuts build stronger bones and are a good source of iron which is beneficiary for circulatory and nervous system.


Known as one of the healthiest dry fruits, the walnuts are full of good fats and nutrients. Omega 3 fatty acids are found in abundance which nourishes dry skin and improves its texture. The oil from walnuts is very beneficial for skin.

Senjet (Russian Olive)

My favorite, these are eaten as a remedy for gastric upset. They are mainly found in Asian countries and found easily in different markets.


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