Afghanistan and Upcoming Presidential elections

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Afghanistan is going to witness another milestone in its emerging history of 21st century. In april, presidential elections are taking place which will be probably the first time transfer of power through peaceful and constitutional way. Hamid Karzai will step down in April and new candidate will take his place at the end of April, 2014.

Successful electoral process will reflect united afghan nation to the world. Free and fair elections are need of the time especially as US/ Nato troops are in process of withdrawal from Afghanistan.  There will be huge responsibility on shoulder of Afghan National Army and Police during elections.

In the circumstances, it will be huge challenge for government of Afghanistan and international community for peaceful and successful presidential elections. Country with meager resources, weak political setup and still in process of a civil war, it will be big task for election commission and other institutions.

Hamid Karzai after two successful tenures will lead a retired life afterward but his experience of keeping office for almost 12years will help him being awarded with important position to carry out negotiation process and bring all people on same table.

It is high time that free and fair elections take place for stronger democracy in Afghanistan. Free and fair elections will make sure power is transferred to right candidate irrespective of what ethnic or political party he/she belongs to. Rigging has happened in past elections but we cannot repeat same mistakes once again as it will push us back to civil war. Huge responsibility is placed on shoulder of election commission, security organizations, media to make it happen successfully and write its golden history of successful transfer of power.


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