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Esteqlal  Vs  Setara-e-Azadi

Events before the game with Setara-e-Azadi

The players after passing much against Big Bear, they attend with more determined than ever to their training and readiness requirements (physical and technical) to play against "Setara-e- Azadi" team. All players were expected to play by his opponent, who has long since Futsal League Esteqlal Futsal team had always wanted. Though this team was defeated by Esteqlal futsal team in Premier Afghanistan national sport ( Futsal ) League of Kabul in 2012 and Esteqlal Futsal Team was the champion of (1391-1390) season. However Setara-e- Azadi team despite considerable investments in early spring 1391 Football Emissive Cup, but this team lost much of this season for  Esteqlal Football Team (one- zero). But now the team is bringing many changes the composition of players and team trainer dreamed of Esteqlal victory.

Events at the day of game against Setara-e-Azadi

Play on (18/11/2012) Sunday due to lack of time in the two halves of 40 minutes was held. Esteqlal with a mix of new and different Game Day with Big Bear with the system (2-4-4) came to the field and began to game very aggressive than yesterday. So many chances on goal in the first half, but the opportunities of making goal were not enough. There were also opportunities for the opposing team to have goals but the defensive line and out of consciousness due goalkeeper Esteqlal these opportunities were repelled. The first half ended in a draw, with all its ups and downs. At the break between the two halves the trainer and the team responsible were required to talk with the players and reminded them important points of the game. The second half was played with a referee whistle both teams were aggressive and tried to the fullest to imperil each other’s goals and reach goal, that finally the Esteqlal team could open its rival goal. The goal with a beautiful pass that Zenoden gave from left side of the land to Mohammad Rafi the other forward of team was made with a head shot. Both teams were being continuing efforts for achieving goal. By referee mistake, a handball that happened in the penalty area of the Setara-e-Azadi team, Esteqlal team lost the penalty kick. Also a nice chip kick was missed by left midfielder Amiruden pass over the Setara-e-Azadi goalie's head. Also there were two opportunities for Setara-e-Azadi that repelled by Esteqlal team’s goalkeeper so the much ended by the result (zero-one) in favor of Esteqlal. With this victory Esteqlal Team got 37 points. And reinforced its position at the top of the Premier League table and still remain in third place. It is necessary to mention if the Urdo Team does not win its next two games and Esteqlal win their coming much they will take the second title of Kabul Primary Football League.

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