Afghanistan’s new generation’s fashion

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All we know that Afghanistan passed war and couldn’t improve in different parts like art, culture, business, economic and etc. But the interesting point is the new generation, who are very passionate to look beautiful and attractive. These days, it is very important for afghan female and male that how they look in the society. Fashion become a part of their life.

Western hairstyles are very common for new generation. We can see many hair cut galleries that women and men bring some photos of famous actor and actress to show how to cut their hairs. One of the decoration hair cutting salon in Kabul is Kabul Hair Gallery which is very professional which has different parts such as, Hall, reception, and VIP Room. They have different services for people to have experiences in hairdressing and beauty. 

However, Kabul Women annex had a project about designing the clothes which led through to know about tradition of Afghan fashion. They mixed new and tradition design together to show how they can change the fashion.  Here are some photos that Kabul women annex has designed.

The other fashion clothe company is ZEB which two Afghan female Salma Bayat and Banu Zeerak created. Several months ago, they had a fashion show in Sufi restaurant in Kabul which organized by Young Women for Change (YWC). It was a big change for Afghan women. All the ideas and designs were by Afghan and found many fans between women. Not tend to clothing style in individual when Taliban had power but now everything changed.


Prepared by: Kabul Womensannex





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