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Today, Africa is under the optimistic side of economic development. In terms of energy, Africa has been benefited through renewable energy which can be used as a weapon against poverty. The use of energy is vital for the corner development of all African countries. Positive change in economy, education and communication technologies is reflected in most regions since hundreds of projects are underway to empower and develop the current power supply status. The recently held ‘All Africa Energy Week’ program was held by the collaboration of United Nations Economic Commission of Africa, the African development bank and the African Union. The program was prepared to show that current progress of Africa in energy infrastructure and implementation of independent power resource generation. In addition, the event has also paved a way to investigate the interlinking power of energy and come up with effective and practical applications. Also, the events were motivated for the successful powers inter-relation towards growing the ways of energy facilitation and quality services in full infrastructures.

         The leading quote of this year event was ‘Renewable Energy for development: From potential to Infrastructure and services.’Eizabezh Dipuo Peters who is South African Ministry of Energy told that in order to sustain and empower renewable energy in Africa. Creating partnership and common understanding should be sustained. She also said that the implementation of crucial energy projects are seen if there is a great way of alleviating the core problems facing related issues of the continent. The event was outlines that Africa is crucially under the expected use of energy resources and most parts of the continent is still with low supply of power. Even though energy is the central engine for the acceleration of health economic growth, Africa is not even on the average point of sufficient energy supply.


          Elizabezh noted that coal is the backbone for the current energy drive of countries like South Africa which is essential to ensure how the management is addressing the access of energy and reliable natural resource. She also said that the free accessibility of renewable energy resources is ensured by developing the participation role of the private investment of the community. Elizabezh underlined that the economic status and accessibility of using energy is very low. This is due to unwise use of energy, dependency on traditional energy supplies, inadequate and low quality commercial supplies. EUC commissioner Andria Piebalgs said that renewable energy is a process of compatibility run with the changing environment that allows Africa to be less influenced to the climatic change like the global warming. Approaches that moves the driving force of energy allocation should be supported financially to reach the goals of effective energy distribution and execution processes. Renewable energy concentrated in small-scale projects is more suitable for the day to day activity of the community. He also added that EU is ready to fund the amount needed for the allocation of rural small scale industries and running projects. According to Andria, EU is the pioneer in donating for the implementation and development of energy on the globe that more than 3 billion Euros has been invested on energy related projects and services.


           In general Africa should be on the side of renewable energy development plans though the traditional energy sources are abundantly available. Non-renewable energy can’t be permanently stored that one day it will be over therefore until the ending time, efficient utilization of the resources must be devised. Stay tuned!

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