Age is Not a Number, It's a Dreaded Word

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And so we've come to this, another year, another birthday and I'm not happy. Maybe if I got a gift from someone okay maybe that'd be something to smile about. Or if I... oh heck I don't even know what to say.

I just want to say that every year since some years ago, I dread my birthday. Another year added to my life. Another year of being alive. Not that I am ungrateful or anything, maybe I am just unhappy and discontent with how I live my life now. Haha~

Society and the norm kind of ridicules those who are different than the rest. It has always been this way. Some people get over the fact they are different while others still hate the feeling.

Questions like why are you still single, when are you gonna get married get tossed around like it's funny. Why don't you get a girlfriend instead or join Tinder. WTF people. I have issues. I have issues even I have issues with.

So here I am ranting away to strangers on my birthday. Haha. How awesome can I be.

I hate it when people ask my age because I don't look my age. I'd rather pretend I'm the same age as the next millennial kid but hey that's not me.

Discontent is the word. That is the only word.

When I can be happy with my age, I don't know, but until then I'm probably gonna hate this age thing until I get a guy or get pregnant whichever comes first. God I hate this. Why did we become human if only to live a human life?

God must be giving me negative points by now as I write this. Maybe He's saying, "You're on Earth to live a full life as a human being and you're wasting it by complaining and thinking too much bla bla blaaaa." Hey brain, congratulations! You were made wonderful by God and you've got to get past your issues or you'll repeat the same thing over and over again.

Ever heard of reincarnation? Ever heard of hell? Hahahahahahaha.

Yes this is me talking to you dear reader. I am just ranting away on my birthday. Thank you very much and good night.


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Oh But Wait There's More!

Hey here's something I did last year, it's my favorite number. My birth date is my favorite number, like the rest of you people out there who like their birth date.


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I would love to post that caricature I made for a birthday boy last year too but that's too much. Haha~

I mean, yeah I'll just put this here for everyone to read. Yeah. That's it. Ahuh. Good mornight.





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