Age of Video Games

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In the past, only movies and television were main source of electronic entertainment but now a days computer generated video games have found place among them. In 70’s and before that, thriller movies and exciting television shows were fascination of youngsters and kids but now the most fantastic thing is video games.

Video games were introduced in 80’s to the public. These were intended as an entertainment for kids. Then came the Microsoft windows in 90’s and Sony’s console. These were major platforms of games. Then high profile games started developing and games for teenagers came into market.

Video game companies and developers started creating games which included thrilling adventures and tactics and elements of science fiction which attracted people very much. Subject for youngsters and adults came into development and gore and violence became an important feature of games.

Now a days, games are developed for children as well as adults and are a profitable enterprise more than any other media. But they teach immorality and violence more than love and peace. So there should be an awareness in people about them and we should not let our children play such games which teach them lessons of savagery and deprive them of being good human beings.

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