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Pakistan is the biggest Islamic country and Pakistan independent on 14 august 1947 and since 1947 Pakistan struggle to become a strong country in the world and prove that we are Independent and Pakistan success in this mission. Democratic order in Pakistan is to apply from 1947.Pakistan is total 12 Presidents from 1947 to 2016 so today we are talk about All 12 Presidents of Pakistan with their photo and history.

1-Iskander Mirza (Born=1899–Dead 1969)

Iskander Mirza was born in 1899 at Murshidabad, Bengal. Iskander Mirza belongs to Republican Party and Elected By democratically. Iskander Mirza is elected on 23 March 1956 as a President of Pakistan and Iskander Mirza Successfully Complete their 2 Years, 7 Months, 4 Days and then resigns self on 27 October 1958.



President Iskander Mirza arrives in Kabul

President Iskander Mirza tours the flood affected areas in Afghanistan




2. Ayub Khan (1907–1974)

After Iskander Mirza Resign then the second president of Pakistan is Ayub Khan . Ayub Khan is born on 14 May 1907 Rehana, Haripur District of North-West Frontier Province, and British India (Now in KPK Pakistan). Ayub Khan joined Pakistan Muslim League. After the Resignation of Iskander Mirza, Ayub Khan Toke the responsibly as the president of Pakistan until next elections and on 8 June 1962 Ayub Kan left their seat and do the fair election but Ayub khan also win the election and again toke responsibly of Pakistan. On 25 March 1969 Ayub Khan also Resign under pressure from opposition and give the power to Yahya Khan who is become 3rd President of Pakistan.

Ayub Khan - Speech On Riots In East & West Pakistan

Ayub Khan address to nation after 1965 War


3. Yahya Khan (1917–1980)

Yahya Khan becomes the president of Pakistan on 25 March 1969 . His full name is Agha Muhammad Yahya Khan he is born on 4 February 1917 Chakwal, Punjab, and Pakistan. He is complete their education from University of the Punjab. At 3 December 1971 direct military confrontation between India and Pakistan during the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971 and on 16 December 1971 India victory of this and on 20 December 1971 Yahya Khan Resign as the president because Pakistan defeat to India.


President Yahya Khan On East Pakistan

Yahya Khan address's to the Nation on the occasion of India's attack on Pakistan





4. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto (1917–1980)

After Yahya Khan Resignation Pakistan need the good president and then Zulfikar Ali Bhutto become the president of Pakistan. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto belongs to Pakistan People’s Party and he is the 4th president of Pakistan. But on 13 August 1973 he is resign as the president for become the prime minister of Pakistan.


Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto historic speech in UN security Council

Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Death Sentence




5. Fazal Ilahi Chaudhry (19041982)

Fazal Ilahi Chaudhry becomes the president of Pakistan after resignation of 4th president Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. Fazal Ilahi Chaudhry is born on 1 January 1904 Kharian, Punjab, British India (now in Punjab, Pakistan) he is complete their ­5 Years, 1 Month, 3 Days and on 14 August 1973 he is also resign the presidency under the pressure of General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq.


Fazal Elahi Ch's speech on Pakistan Day


Fazal Elahi Ch's Inaugral address at Islamia Research Institute Islamabad


6. Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq (1924–1988)

General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq become the 6th President of Pakistan on 16 September 1978 but on 17 August 1988 he is not the president of Pakistan because on 17 August 1988 General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq Death in Air Crash.

General Zia ul Haq Speech on 23 march 1988 Rawalpindi


President General Muhammad Zia Ul Haq Shaheed Plane Crash



7. Ghulam Ishaq Khan (1915–2006)

On 17 August 1988 Ghulam Ishaq Khan took the responsibly of president after Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq. Ghulam Ishaq Khan was born on 20 January 1915 in Ismail Khel, North-West Frontier Province, and British India (Now in KPK Pakistan). He is not joined any party he is elected a president as an Independent candidate. He is tried to dismiss the Nawas Sharif government in 1993 but Supreme Court not accept this and Ghulam Ishaq Khan Resign as the president.



Ghulam Ishaq Khan address's to the nation on dissolving the Benazir's govt(part 1)


Ghulam Ishaq Khan address's to the nation on dissolving the Benazir's govt (part 2)



8. Farooq Leghari (1940–2010)

On 14 November 1993 Election Farooq Leghari elected as a president he is belong to Pakistan People’s Party. But Leghari clashed with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and then Pakistan armed Forces forced to Farooq Leghari for resignation and finally on 2 December 1997 Farooq Leghari also Resign.


TalkBack w/ Wajahat Khan & Farooq Ahmed Leghari


Pakistan - Laghari gives interview



9. Muhammad Rafiq Tarar (Born 1929)

After the Farooq Leghari on 31 December 1997 Election was held and in this election Muhammad Rafiq Tarar was elected by getting maximum votes. He is belonging to Pakistan Muslim League (N). Muhammad Rafiq Tarar was also resigning on 20 June 2001.


Muhammad Rafiq Tarar addressing Tahfuz-e-Namoos-e- Risalat All PartiesConference


54th Death Anniversary of Maulana Zafar Ali Khan, Muhammad Rafiq Tarar



10. Pervez Musharraf (Born 1943)

After the resign of Muhammad Rafiq Tarar on 20 June 2001 , Pervez Musharraf was become the president until the next election. And in election of 1 January 2004 Parvez Musharraf again elected for presidency of Pakistan and successfully complete their duration until the next election .on 6 October 2007 election Pervez Musharraf again selected as the president but on 18 August 2008 resign the presidency for peace of Pakistan.



CNN News, interview of Pervez Musharraf


Pervez Musharraf Last Televised Speech



11. Asif Ali Zardari (Born 1955)

After the Pervez Musharraf resignation and in 9 September 2008 election Asif Ali Zardari is elected to president by getting majority of votes. He is belong to Pakistan People’s Party and he is successfully complete his 5 year as a president.



Sun Shangwu Interviews Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari (China Daily)


President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari addressing the Pakistani community in Libya


12. Mamnoon Hussain (Born 1940)

In 9 September 2013 election Mamnoon Hussain was elected as a president and he is still president of Pakistan. He is belonging to Pakistan Muslim League (N). He was born in 23 December 1940 and still alive. Hope he is also complete their 5 year as a president of Pakistan



Mamnoon Hussain: Pakistan's new president


President of Pakistan Mamnoon Hussain Speech on Independence Day 14th August 2015


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